Vol. XXIII     No. 2      December 2000


Farid Khan, J.R. Knox & K.D. Thomas 1
The Bannu Archaeological Project: Archaeological Explorations and Excavations in Bannu Division, North-West Frontier Province, Pakistan, 1985-2000.
Farid Khan, J.R. Knox & K.D. Thomas 7
Settlements and settlement Systems in the Southwest Gomal Plain in the Proto-Historic period.
Farid Khan, J.R. Knox & K.D. Thomas 25
Jhandi Babar, a new site in the Gomal plain, and the Sheri Khan Tarakai Culture Complex.
Farid Khan, J.R. Knox & K.D. Thomas 51
The `Tochi-Gomal phase' : an early 3rd Millennium BC Culture Horizon in Bannu and Dera Ismail Khan Divisions, Northwest Frontier province, Pakistan.
Farid Khan, J.R. Knox , Mr. J.C. Morris & K.D. Thomas 57
A preliminary account of archaeological survey and excavations at Lewan (Bannu Division), 2000.
Fârid Khan, J.R. Knox, Peter Magee, C. Petrie & K.D. Thomas 105
The 2000 Season of Excavations at Akra by the Bannu Archaeological Project.
Mr. A.B. Yazberdiev 137
The Ancient Merv and its Libraries
Dr. Ruslan Murad 159
Mr. Tariq Saeedi 169
Lal Shahbaz Qalandar
Mr. Tariq Saeedi 175
Iqbal's Message for Turkmen People
Mr. Badshah Sardar 181
A review of research on Rock Art in Swat, Pakistan
Mr. Anara Tabyshalieva 189
A glance at the religious situation in Kyrgzstan
Dr. Hafeez-ur-Rehman Chaudhry & Dr. Muzaffar Ali Qureshi 205
Some Reflections of Modernization on Pakistani Family System and its impact on child socialization
Mr. Muhammad Arif 231
New Archaeological Discoveries in Baltistan Region
Prof. Fateh Muhammad Malik 245
The Image of Buddha in Iqbal.

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